RTX 3090, 3080, 3070 Price in Pakistan

RTX 3090

Earlier this week, Nvidia announced it’s 30 series line-up, which brings with it a revolution, to say the least. With the Xbox series X and the PS5 around the corner, the chances of a PC gaming resurgence were looking slim.  

The only edge that PC’s had was better performance and after the announcement of the use of Ryzen Zen 2 architecture and “Big Navi” for the upcoming consoles. PC’s seemed unappealing at that point. However, Nvidia has resurrected hope for PC enthusiasts all for an unbelievable price. The immense power that Nvidia promises to offer, has turned the tables in favor of the PC master race once again.

In Pakistan, the interest in gaming PCs is slowly rising and the new 30 series lineup will surely impact the Pakistani gaming community in a positive way

RTX 30-Series price in pakistan

Graphic CardUSD pricePrice in PakistanEstimated Retail PriceOLX price
RTX 3090$1499Rs. 250,000~Rs. 300,000Will be updated once available
RTX 3080$699Rs. 120,000~Rs. 145,000Will be updated once available
RTX 3070$499Rs. 83,000~Rs. 95,000Will be updated once available
RTX 3060Not yet announcedNot yet announcedNot yet announcedWill be updated once available
RTX 3080 TiNot yet announcedNot yet announcedNot yet announcedWill be updated once available

RTX 3090 price in Pakistan:

This year Nvidia keeps in line with its previous trends and has released information regarding only the top tier cards. The most powerful card in the 30 series is definitely going to be the 3090 which according to Nvidia’s claims, is going to offer a 50% performance increase over the Titan RTX.

The retail price for the  RTX 3090 has been announced to be $1499, this is about Rs. 250,000. However, we expect that the price of the RTX 3090 in Pakistan is going to be around Rs. 300,000 range after we include shipping and sales tax.

The release date for the RTX 3090 is September 24 but in Pakistan we expect it to be commercially available one week later, around the first of October.

RTX 3080 price in Pakistan:

The announced price of the RTX 3080 is $699. Although this roughly translates to about Rs. 120,000. The founder’s edition of the RTX 3080 price in Pakistan will most probably be Rs. 145,000. Prices can further increase if the current shipping situation persists.

As far as the performance is concerned, if Nvidia’s claims are true then this card is going to be a beast. With around 2x more performance than a reference RTX 2080.

RTX 3070 price in Pakistan:

The RTX 3070 will retail for $499, In PKR this is about Rs. 83,000. The actual price of the RTX 3070 in Pakistan is estimated to be around the 95 to 1 lac range. Nvidia claims it will be faster than an RTX 2080 Ti, which is a Rs. 240,000 card.

Release Date for the RTX 3090, 3080, 3070, 3060:

The RTX 3080 will go on sale on the 17th of September, the RTX 3090 will be available on the 24th and the RTX 3070 will be available sometime around October. Nvidia has not yet announced the date for the RTX 3070 or the RTX 3060. 

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