RTX 2080s: Still Going Strong【Price & Specs】

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Memory interface of 256-bit

0 GHz

Base Clock

The Boost clock can go up to 1.815 GHz

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The RTX 2080 super with 3072 tensor cores is a beast of a card

These days, due to a shortage of supply, prices have ramped up. They are constantly changing and the availability of graphic cards is also reducing. Take this card, for example, in just three months most of the top-selling websites have run out of their stock and the overall price of the card has increased from PKR 150,000 to PKR 180,000. We here at, are trying hard to give you accurate information and we’ll keep you posted on any supply problems or updates. But, until the market reaches a stable state the prices mentioned below are somewhat unpredictable and can change. 

Price In Pakistan:

NVIDIA has been the pioneer of Graphics cards in the Computer and gaming industry for the better part of the previous decade. However, AMD stirred the pot in 2017, and upped the ante with its Vega lineup and now more recently Navi. Following the release of the Vega GPUs, the competition between the tech giants rapidly increased. 

Hence, year after year the competition was boosted and NVIDIA tended to further up the competition in 2019 by releasing the RTX 2080 series. RTX 2080 Super is an upgrade to the base model(RTX 2080) and provides somewhat equal performance to RTX 2080 Ti. 

Pakistan is on the rise in the gaming sector and more and more people are going towards making a good computer, for gaming and as well as streaming. This card provides better performance than most of the cards in the industry. But as the card manufacturing game goes. They will and are most likely going to be replaced by the next series. 

RTX 2080 Super Performance:

This beast of a graphics card obviously provides better performance than other RTX 2080 cards as it is powered with 3072 Cuda cores and it has a boost clock of 1815 MHz. 

The base or vanilla RTX 2080 model is said to provide 75% faster performance than the GTX 1080 series but that still depends on the computer build and graphics card vendors. 

It surely provides 5-6% increased performance than the base model of RTX 2080. 

RTX 2080 Super can provide 40 to 50 fps easily at 4k settings. Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Metro Exodus can be played at 4k max settings at 40 to 50 frames per second. To get 60 fps in-game, lowering the settings a little bit can certainly provide 60 constant fps at decent settings. 

Talking about performance, what better way than to test COD Warzone on RTX 2080 Super. RTX 2080 Super is way better than its competition i.e AMD Radeon VII. The RTX 2080 Super will never drop fps below 60 while playing warzone at 4k settings and this graphics card provides a decent 13% faster performance than the Radeon VII card. 

RTX 2080 Super Price in Pakistan :

The RTX 2080 super price in Pakistan in the online marketplace is somewhat between 150,000 PKR to 180,000 PKR of the new card. The price has significantly dropped due to the introduction of the new 3000 series cards but still provides a better performance to price ratio than some of the highly-priced cards. 

Used RTX 2080 Super price in Pakistan can be found between 127000 PKR to 135000 PKR and that depends on the usage of the card, its temperature status etc.  The used product platform like OLX certainly can provide lower prices for used cards considering their conditions but new cards can also be found on OLX . As can be expected, their prices are higher than normal, depending on their market availability that is. 

In the physical market, the Graphics card availability hugely depends upon the customer’s need and demand for that graphics card. Sometimes, the most wanted GPU vendors are not available easily and they have to be imported as per user demand. 


For RTX 2080 Super card, you can always go for the RTX 3070 or 3080 graphics card and get the best out of a card.


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