RTX 2070 Super Price in Pakistan:【Price, Specs, Review】

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Memory interface of 256-bit

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The Boost clock can go up to 1.770 GHz

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The RTX 2070 super with 2560 tensor cores is a beast of a card

These days, due to a shortage of supply, prices have ramped up. They are constantly changing and the availability of graphic cards is also reducing. Take this card, for example, in just three months most of the top-selling websites have run out of their stock and the overall price of the card has increased from PKR 110,000 to PKR 140,000. We here at, are trying hard to give you accurate information and we’ll keep you posted on any supply problems or updates. But, until the market reaches a stable state the prices mentioned below are somewhat unpredictable and can change. 

Online Marketplace

Rs. 110k – 140k

OLX Price

The RTX 2070 super was a phenomenal card, released by Nvidia to cut through AMDs marketing for next-gen NAVI cards. It was specifically designed to destroy the competition and that it did.

Since its release the Rtx 2070 super price in Pakistan has significantly dropped, and now it makes for an excellent GPU for a high-end desktop at a somewhat affordable price. 

RTX 2070 super Performance:

As far as the performance of this GPU goes, it’s nothing short of being stellar. It offers about 12% percent more performance than the Rtx 2070 at 1080p, 1440p, and even at 4k. Which was an amazing performer to begin with. 

This card has been designed to provide a stable and consistent 1440p performance at a smooth 60 fps. It can game at 4k but the performance regularly drops below 60 fps making it jittery and just not as fun. However, if you do intend to play your games at 4k then lowering and tweaking the performance will certainly help.

RTX 2070 super Price in Pakistan: 

The RTX 2070 super price in Pakistan is about Rs.100,000-140,000 for a new boxed packed card. Over the course of several months, the prices have dropped though, it started off way high at around Rs.200,000, and has gradually reduced. 

Especially since the launch of the 30 series cards, the RTX 2070 super price in Pakistan has significantly dropped. Since the card is older now and you can find better cards at roughly the price. We would recommend that you buy a used Rtx 2070 super, from a reputable and trustable retailer that is.

In the used market the prices of graphic cards in Pakistan are dynamically changing. However, they are still cheaper than their online counterparts. The price of a used Rtx 2070 super in Pakistan is from anywhere around 100,000 to as high as 110,000. 

We should also mention that the price of the graphic card does not only depend on the type of card, it also depends on the manufacturers. Some manufactures like Asus or MSI will overclock and further enhance the card beyond the base model. In other words, they optimize the card to achieve better performance, and because of that, they demand a price premium.

The performance difference between them is usually very small, so if you’re on a strict budget, buy the cheapest and the most reliable one out there. 


If you’re in the market for a high-performance card like the Rtx 2070 super then surely check the following cards as well, as they offer similar if not better performance at roughly the same price.

Since the Rx 2070 super costs anywhere between 100,000 – 140,000, then let’s assume your budget is between that amount. The alternative cards you can get are:

  • RTX 3060ti:
    • A great contender, certainly better than the 2070 super, but it does suffer from a shortage of supply. Can be very difficult to get your hands on this.
  • RTX 2080: 
    • A step up from the 2070 super, it is more common and can, depending on the conditions and the manufacturer, be within our budget.

Hope this short guide helped you choose the right graphic card for your system. These days due to various factors, predicting and analyzing the prices has become increasingly difficult and the prices that we mention may vary. However, we are trying hard to overcome these problems and provide an even better and more accurate price analysis. 

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