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Memory interface of 256-bit

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Base Clock

The Boost clock can go up to 1.650 GHz

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The RTX 2060 super with 2176 Cuda cores is a beast of a card

Due to a shortage of supply, the prices may rapidly fluctuate causing a change in the price mentioned below. In just a few months the price of this specific card, the RTX 2060 super, went from 80k to about 120k at its highest.  We here at Peakypricer are trying our best to give you accurate results, and we’ll keep you posted on the current supply issue and problems.

Price In Pakistan:

Online Marketplace

RS. 90k -120k

OLX Price

The RTX 2060 super was one of the most popular cards in the 20 series from Nvidia. It was produced as a result of fierce competition between the two rivals. In order to reduce AMD’s sales, Nvidia released these cards ahead of the Navi launch. Their power and performance were enough to disturb and damage AMD sales. However, AMD is expected to come back this year as a strong contender.

Performance off the RTX 2060 super:

The RTX 2060 super, as can be expected, is a phenomenal card with an amazing performance in just about any task. On average it is about 1% slower than it’s elder brother the RTX 2070. It was designed to beat the Rx 5700 and that it did, with an average performance boost of about 3-4%. Comparing it to the base model RTX 2060 the super is about 12% faster. It also comes with an extra 2 gigs of memory, which is a well-needed improvement as ray tracing can be a very memory-heavy task to perform.

It is the perfect card for a smooth and stable, ray tracing enabled, 1080p experience. It can also provide a decent 1440p experience too, in most cases the frame rate will be above 60, and hence 1440p is just as viable. When it comes to 4k, as it was with the RTX 2070, you will have to lower some settings, this will give you a solid experience. Speaking of which we a complete guide on the RTX 2070 as well so be sure to check that out as well.

RTX 2060 super price in Pakistan:

Due to the short supply and the popularity of the 2060 super, the prices have ramped up. The RTX 2060 super price in Pakistan is between 90-120k these days. It’s roughly the same as the RTX 2070 when it comes to the price. 

You can get a new one for as low as PKR 90,000, but once again this all depends on the market. Currently, the PC hardware market, in general, is experiencing a massive shortage of supplies. This is not only happening in Pakistan, although the effects are magnified here, even megacorporations like Microsoft and sony are also facing a lot of problems. The main reason behind this being the pandemic and its effects

In light of the situation, it is somewhat difficult to get your hands on the RTX 2060 super, but still, it is possible. For a used version of the card, the RTX 2060 price in Pakistan SHOULD be around 70-80k but it’s not. It’s more along the 100k region. 

If the prices are too high for you then you could look at some cheap alternatives or you could wait for the prices to go down. However, we don’t know how much time it will take. 


Here are some other cards you could look at besides the RTX 2060 super:

  • RX 5700: A great card for the price that it offers, though it does not have any ray tracing features. It can be a little cheaper though, around 70k for a new one.
  • RTX 2070: A step up from the 2060 super, it costs roughly the same and also performs roughly the same. But if you do have an option between the 2070 and the 2060 super, then go for  the 2070. As it is 1% faster.


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